lose your dreams and you will lose your mind, ain't life unkind?



I have had a major Pete day, I need to watch some Kids Are Alright tonight.
At church a woman who survived the holocaust made a speech. It was very moving, I learned a lot. She says I'm the last generation that will be able to hear survivors speak because they are dying out...that was a little sad to hear, but it was true so I listened the entire time.
I just listened to the "Day In A Life" from Anthology Disc 2. It's a great one. Now I'm jammin to some "Good Morning Good Morning"...Ya ya pump up the Sgt Pepper! Wahoo!

Got my costume, kinda a medieval dress. It's pretty.

Cheers guys, cheers.

- claire -

p.s. I'll try and write a post about performing in the next couple days...

p.p.s Now its "Only A Northern Song". I love this song oh so very much, yes Georgie you are amazing.



I'm getting kind of excited about Halloween, I don't even know what I'm going to be yet. Hopefully I'll have time to look before MONDAY NIGHT, because that's when I'm trick or treating obviously.
Man, I had cheese pizza for lunch today. I'm so glad!
OMG OMG OMG I forgot to tell you guys...I'M SEEING THE ROLLING STONES IN CONCERT! This is completely amazing, I'm not even kidding. Paul McCartney in October, and Stones in December - how do you reckon that one?
I mean, this is my lover Mick Jagger! Ahh! Thank you so much parents!!! And I'm going to Graceland, because we're seeing them in MEMPHIS! Wow! Saturday, December 3rd. It'll be completely killer.

Alright, have a good Friday night, I'm not doing anything but my grandparents are coming!


- claire -


I won!

My band got first place! And I got a special rock and roll diva award. But I was the only girl performing, haha. No, it felt really good. Yesterday was Bill Wyman's birthday too, so I did a couple Stones songs in tribute!
I still have a little homework, ugh I've had a lot lately.
I went to the doc today to get some nasal spray for my allergies - which have been horrible the past few days. haha i'm such a dork!
Oh well, tomorrow's a half day and Monday's Halloween! Yippee! Then Thanksgiving which I'm not TOO fond of - too much food so I get too fat (i just said too three times in that sentence). But Christmas - that's a different story. I know I already have a whole post about it, haha.
Thanks Mikey and Brina, I could feel you guys cheering! =)
Alright guys, have a good day.


- claire -


Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

I'm pretty tired because I had soccer today, and I wasn't taken out the entire time! ahhh! we tied 0-0, that's better than losing though.

Tonight we're just staying in and watching some movies i think. That should be nice.
Battle Of The Bands is Monday, i am v. excited! I'm the only girl in the competition though, so i'm representing a lot of women out there. but don't worry, i won't do any of you wrong!
hope every one's having a good weekend. get your rest, that's the best advice i have for anyone right now.

- claire -


Sir Paul

That was an amazing concert. He started it off with Magical Mystery Tour (surprise! I thought it'd be Sgt. Pepper).
He ended with Sgt. Pepper Reprise/The End. All the songs in between were amazing. He played for about 2 and a half hours!

1. Playing I've Got A Feeling. This is in my top ten Paul songs. I kept saying I wanted him to play it all day yesterday, but I really thought he wouldn't.
2. For No One . Also one of my favourites, so glad he played it.
3. The stories! He was very funny. Good jokes.
4. There was no warm-up band, just a dj doing cool Paul remixes (which I'm usually against). I don't know if I would have been able to handle a warm-up what with all the excitement building up in me to see him.

How the heck am I doing highlights? The entire THING was a HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE! He was so lively.
I wish he would have done a tribute to John and George, although I definitely would have cried too much if he did.

Thank you Paul, for all your wonderful songs.

- claire -

BTW, who is this Stu guy on WHO TV? I must have missed out on why he's there, I didn't catch the beginning of the show. He's pretty adorable...


Christmas time is here

Christmas is just around the corner really. I am SO excited.
I had a great weekend, volleyball games and soccer games and hanging out with friends.
I watched "Elf" Saturday night. That movie is so funny, I laughed more than the children I was babysitting! haha.
But really, the Christmas holidays are like no other. Everyone is content and happy. One of my favourite parts is singing all the carols. I used to go to Arkansas each year for Christmas to visit with my Great-Grandparents, but now I go to Kansas City every Winter Break. Halloween and Thanksgiving are exciting, too, but nothing compared to all the preparation that goes into December 25th.

Today at school I had to get all of my homework for the next two days because of the Paul McCartney concert, I'm loaded with work to do tonight and Wednesday night. I hate being behind at school, it's a drag.
Hope everyone's doing well, and the weather isn't too hot or too cold where ever you are (I'm actually burning up right now in my jeans, but I'm at school which is NOT air-conditioned).

- claire -


Fort Nightly

Tonight I have a formal dance. We get dance cards. I don't know how it'll go but hopefully it won't be that bad.

I hope everyone likes my blog. I like blogging. I like life. It's nice sometimes.
Hope you guys have nice Fridays because it'll be Monday in a couple days won't it? Or maybe a few days, let's make it a few days instead of a couple because that sounds longer.


- claire -


Paul Tickets!

Wow, they came in the mail TODAY! I'm leaving Tuesday midday, and getting there that night to see him! Then Wednsday we get to eat pancakes! haha, this is so amazing. Thank's mother and father, for letting me do this.
I mean, this is what I LIVE for folks. Have you guys seen him yet, or are you? Tell me some stories! I saw him in 2002. I was 10. That was when I officialy decided to devote my life to music.
I am so pumped! WAHOOO!


- claire -


Long Live Rock

Hey guys. Loved ALL the posts I got thanks for leaving me in smiles!
The gig was fantastic. Although I am semi-embarrassed to say it, it was open-mike night. Ha ha. That means really anyone could have played. It went well though, considering it was our first real performance and play list. They have some great food at Crossings, if anyone out there ever passes thru St. Louis!
I am pretty tired now, its about 11 and I can NOT believe my parents haven't told me to get off yet. Oh well, I am typing very quietly. Actually I'm not, that's almost impossible. It's always loud when people type. Well, its never loud but its never quiet either.
Tomorrow is a half day at school! Yes, this will be great. I'll come home early and be blogging for hours! Hehe, hopefully not that long. I'm sure I'll have homework, have to practice saxophone, etc.
Today I walked home from school. It's about a mile and a half, not that bad because I'm with friends half the time, and have my iPod the other half. I listened to "Chaos and Creation In The Backyard", Paul's new album. It's very nice. Whatta lovely voice he has. And yes I am seeing him in concert Tuesday in Chicago! It'll be complete fun. My friend is VERY excited because Paul is her fav. Beatle. I, myself, am a Lennon Gal all the way.
Anyway, when I got home I realized I forgot my key and had to take window panes (is that what they are?) out of a window in my basement and squeeze thru a 2 by 2 foot square. It was intriguing, but I have done it in the past, so it wasn't too exciting.
Alright, this is a long post and I have said before I hate long ones. I can't handle reading them, so I expect the same out of others. I don't want people to lose interest in me! (haha)
Have a fabulous day please!


- claire -


Gig Tomorrow

V. excited because I have a gig tomorrow at a resteraunt. It's the same resteraunt I played at last friday. We are going to play Dear Prudence, You Can't Always Get What You Want, and an instrumental version of Honky Tonk Woman. It will be pretty awesome.

We get out of school early Thursday and I don't have school Friday, so I am excited about that also. I have a formal dance called "Fort Nightly" on Friday night. We learn how to ball room dance and we get dance cards. It is actually fun, but I don't know how many of my friends are going. Oh well.
Hopefully I will be seeing Paul McCartney on Tuesday. I am really not sure though, I'm scaird we might not get tickets (I know its getting pretty late). We tried to get some off Ebay but my mum didn't tell me if we got them yet or not. Yikes!

Hope you guys are having fun out there...

- claire -

p.s. I changed my username, because I felt it was too long. It is now Claire Eliza, just so everyone knows I'm still me.


She gives me everything, and tenderly, the kiss my lover brings, she brings to me.

I know true love when I see it.

Love is amazing though, isn't it? A force that at some point fills the missing pieces in everybody's heart.
There is a boy I might go out with. I'm not quite sure though, dating always leads to trouble for me. I don't want to get hurt, it's something no one wants. Rejection is painful, too.
Love works its magic in strange ways though, you never know what may happen here.

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make
-The End

Bonne nuit

- claire -

Go, Johnny, Go, Go

Happy birthday John Winston Lennon and John Alec Entwistle, two of the most amazing men in musical history in my opinion. I hope they're having a good time, maybe they're together.

I walked to the grocery store to get lunch. It wasn't that chilly but I thought it would be. I like cold weather so much.

Where is everybody? Hope you're having good days.

- claire -

p.s. Brina, how's the piano?


Sweet Transvestite

One of my many heros. I believe Dr. Frank N Furter (and Tim Curry) can do anything. Someone anyone should look to for inspiration.



My head hurts so badly! it's so annoying, it always happens at school. i get horrible head aches. i just took medicane though because i just got home. ha! it feels better now! yessss, gosh advil works like a charm.

today was pretty cool, going to practice in about an hour.
how is everybody?? tell me! has october been nice???

- claire -

p.s. Brina, I do not have any joni mitchell cd's although i think my parents have her greatest hits..but "Blue" ill definitly get it! i want to know more about her because shes a fabulous female guitarist. french is one of my fav classes! i'm not very good yet, this is my first FULL year of french so i cant say much, but it'll be too cool when i learn more. im going to england over spring break (hopefully i must get straight A's...) and my dad and i will take the chunnel down to france (is that what its called?) and i can speak french to everyone! ha. i havent played "michelle" yet, still working on it. but dont worry, you'll definitly found out how it went! cheers and talk soon!


Long, Long, Long Day

Today at school we went on a feild trip to a place called Finance Park. While there we basicly learned about how to live our lives. Well, we learned how to pay our bills. (haha)
We sat around the whole day in this building trying to pay all our bills but keep under budget (from 9 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon!)
We were all givin a life situation and had to plan our whole budget around it. I made $23,400 and I had a 2 yr old child. I was 30 yrs old and unmarried. My net monthly income was 1500 dollers. I was really mad at my situation because I thought I would get a little more money than I really did.
But hey, it's not real life or anything, just practice! hopefully I won't work at the front desk of a hospital in my futre...not what i had in mind. (that's what my card said today.)

Anway, afterwards I went to my friends house and had band practice. There's a Battle Of the Bands coming up that we're practicing for. My other guitarist really is not that good of a guitar player, we might not have him for much longer but I feel really bad about it. He's a great lyricist though. We are trying out a new bass player tomorrow aswell.

Hope everyone has/had great days today.
Talk soon!

- claire -

p.s. I don't have much patience, (its something i need to work on) so I hate reading LONG posts, i try to make my pretty short so people dont skim them but instead read the whole thing.


Ah ha! I feel much better...

Just finished a Monday full of school, it was so-so. But then I came on my blog (not expecting any comments really) and found Mikey, Jessica, and Rene had written me. You guys are wonderful, some great advice in there too.

Mikey - thank you so much for the chords! I'll perform it at a gig and I'll make sure I mention your name as the writer and maybe even mention your blog...

I have guitar lessons in about 45 minutes and im uber excited, at least I have one thing to look forward to each week that's consistent.

Thanks again for reading my stuff, I'm just about to get on to seeing if any of you have updated yours...


- claire -


I'm Down

This weekend has kind of sucked...I always look foward to things and get let down because they don't happen or they turn out badly. I need to stop doing that. My mother is so annoying, she yells at me all the time for no apparent reason. I don't know what to do, when I agree with what she says about me she gets mad, and when I fight back she gets mad. TAKE YOU'RE PICK PLEASE MOM.

I practiced my tenor sax, it actually sounded way better than I thought it would. I really do not want to go to school tomorrow. I guess I will...ha, like I have a choice.

Anyway, hope everyone ELSE has a relaxing sunday night.


- claire -



I've been lingering around other blogs (i.e. pete townshend, rachel fuller and friends) reading what they have to say, and i would like to say a few words myself.
my passion is music, and it is what is on my mind most hours of the day.
Last night i went to a local bar and performed "Dear Prudence" with my drummer friend. it was really grand, one of my first real performances. my friends uncle was in the band and let us play during their break. i used a man's tele, it was nice but the strap was a little low. he also got pissed that i dropped to d on 6th string which was annoying.
just wondering if anyones out there...!

- claire -