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I've been lingering around other blogs (i.e. pete townshend, rachel fuller and friends) reading what they have to say, and i would like to say a few words myself.
my passion is music, and it is what is on my mind most hours of the day.
Last night i went to a local bar and performed "Dear Prudence" with my drummer friend. it was really grand, one of my first real performances. my friends uncle was in the band and let us play during their break. i used a man's tele, it was nice but the strap was a little low. he also got pissed that i dropped to d on 6th string which was annoying.
just wondering if anyones out there...!

- claire -


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Jackie said...

well hello darling it has been a while since we have seen eachother. How is the weather on Parsons? I hope it is complementary. well I am afraid that I must depart. Farewell.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Alison Paige Harre said...


omg i love you so much, everytime i look at the rain i think of you ;-) you are my forever best friend we have been through so much together and never seem to get enough of each other!

i love you with all my heart <3

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Lynsey said...

Thanks fer the comment...
You sound like you've got some neat tastes as well.
Rock on.


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