lose your dreams and you will lose your mind, ain't life unkind?


And So This Is Christmas...

I'm quite sure no one ever checks my blog anymore. But that's alright, I'm still allowed to write in it, right?
I am so relieved that it is Christmas time. But sincerely not for the presents. That would be selfish. I just like the spirit everyone has. Sometimes I lack spirit myself, so I need help from others to find it.
My friend Emma and I are having a holiday party. It's supposed to be very sophisticated and cocktail party-ish. I have a really nice outfit to wear. I'm so proud of myself for figuring it out. It's a high waisted red skirt and a white shirt and a golden belt. That probably sounds strange. If you know anything about Mary Kate or Ashley, it resembles something they might be seen wearing.
For Christmas this year I get to go to Las Vegas with my grandma! We're going to see the Beatle's Love. I'm really, really excited. I'm sure it'll be really one of a kind. And maybe it won't be as cold as it is here.

I've discovered a beautiful author. I haven't read much of his material at all yet, so I'm really anxious to get some of it. I did, however, find this poem today. I think it's quite beautiful. His name is Richard Brautigan by the way.

"The Second Kingdom"
In the first kingdom
of the stars,
everything is always

Your fingernails
are angels
sleeping after
a long night
of making love.

The sound of
your eyes: snow
coming down
the stairs
of the wind.

Your hair
is the color
of God picking

In the second
kingdom of the stars
there is only



Oh man, I'm late...

Happy birthday John. Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday.
I watched YouTube videos of John singing and laughing Tuesday night. They made me warm in the heart but also sad.
And of course, happy birthday Sean and John Entwistle as well.
What great men.


Artist Of The Moment

This is a little late, as he was "current" fifty years ago, but who cannot love him? I love him.
And today as I do my homework, I am listening to him, and it's making everything alright.

Favourte Dean song?
On An Evening In Roma has been mine for the past few days.


Take Me In And Dry The Rain

Well, hello everyone, you dear dear bloggers.
My band, the Marquee...has taken a turn for the worse.
My drummer phoned me tonight letting me know he thought we should break up. I suggested that getting back together in a few months and seeing if our vibe has changed would be a better idea. He believes the band is too serious now and that we shouldn't have to be like this. I just said it was upsetting but if it was how he felt....then I cannot help that. He was fed up with our guitarist. I, personally, adore him, even if he is a little unorganised/daft sometimes.
I called our guitarist, just to make sure he was alright. Officially we're on a "break" thought, I guess. It is a sad thing. we've been together since the first of canary 2006, almost two years really. But All Things Must Pass.
I can at least start performing at open mic and Battle Of The Bands solo, that will be fun.

Anyway, enough with the sad news....I've been tagged.
I was tagged once before, and if I remember correctly, you are suppose to list eight things about yourself that not everyone might know? Well, that's what I'll TRY to do.....I don't know if I have much.

1: I am absolutely obsessed with Solitaire. I've always loved playing it on my iPod, but who doesn't? Now I play it on my Mac, which meant I had to download it, since they don't have what other computers have (the only downside I would say...). And it is nice to play it with real cards every once in awhile. But I literally see the game of Solitaire in my head when I close my eyes to go to sleep now.

2: I am becoming increasingly interested in film. I am going to Film Club starting tomorrow at school! I'm very excited. I have this fantasy of a Killer Three. Making one killer film, writing one killer book, and releasing one killer album. Who knows how that'll work out...

3: I love Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan. Most importantly Fountain Point in Leland. Bliss.

4&5: These sort of go hand in hand, I suppose. or at least I can make that way. I love knitting scarves and I love Harry Potter (so so much). I decided to start a project where I knit the House colours of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin! And then depending on my mood I would switch the scarf I was wearing. And then I though, "What about Dumbledore? He's my hero. He's one of my idols, he needs a scarf in his name." I decided to make a silver scarf! Just for him! But I haven't looked for yarn yet, I am a little nervous that I won't find any. I guess white would work (in a very boring way, not much of a tribute, I would say)

6: Alright, I love t.v. shows. I really do. I hadn't watched that much television this summer, but I'm going crazy lately. Seinfeld is number one right now, I'd love writing a show a little like this, maybe a little more obscure. Ninties sitcoms are really prime. But I also love the Office, and most recently Weeds.

7: I'm getting very much into fashion. When I was younger I used to be anti-fashion in my own little way. But I really do like looking at pictures and thinking about it. I usually don't pursue it that much though, what a shame. But it's still a fun hobby.

8: I love getting pedicures. I'm not really diva-ish at all, all I really like is leg/foot massages.

Well, I just learned a lot more about myself, ha. I am almost certain no one will read this entire post. If you do, then you might think I'm insane or strange. I am sorry.

I feel like every one around me has already been tagged, and I don't know many people...I must get reacquainted with them. So whoever feels like being tagged, if they haven't yet, can be tagged. Is that fair??
Now it's time to go to sleep.
Good night.

The Kids Are Alright is on loop at the moment.


I'm Baaaack.

I was home from school with mono three days last week, so I have a lot of make up work. A perfect thing to do on a Sunday, late morning. Well, I have my iPod on my speakers, on shuffle....and Won't Get Fooled Again came on. No biggie you might think. But when this song came on, for some strange reason, I felt a sudden urge to blog. Granted it took me the entire song to figure out my password and get everything going again, but at least I'm here.
Is anyone still out there? I have no idea. I mean, Rachel switched to her ITA website, so I'm wondering what everyone else has been doing.
I'll think of a topic soon...maybe reviewing an album, or discussing a strange idea I have.

Claire Eliza xxx



Happy Birthday My George!

Today is George's birthday. He is a definite inspiration to all.

I know I always say I am going to do things and don't, but I really am starting an IAC profile for The Marquee, and maybe a solo one for me as well.

I'm getting really into Andy Warhol lately!
And hopefully I'm going back to London soon to hang out with some British bloggers!
Oh, I'm hopeless sometimes.

- claire eliza -



Today, I had a friend over. She's still sort of a new friend. I don't hang out with a lot of people, I'm very picky lately. She isn't even the type of person I am, I don't believe. But she's growing me. You see, I'm so possesive. I think I've said that before. But we watched a little bit of Almost Famous, and then went in my room and I can't believe I was okay with doing this...but I put Tommy on and lit some candles and we just layed there on the floor listening to it. I felt okay too, because I was sharing their music, that's the important part.
Yesterday I watched a new documentary I got. It's about Who's Next, part of a Classic Albums collection. I got so inspired to write when I saw Pete there with all of his synths. I am going to work on some things tonight, and maybe post them later = )
Have good nights.
Everything's alright.
- claire eliza -