lose your dreams and you will lose your mind, ain't life unkind?


Like A Rolling Stone

Seeing Bobby was (obviously) extremely groovy. He played keyboards and harmonica the whole time. No guitar because of his arthritis. We were in the second to front row in the balcony and literally the last two seats on the far right. These ended up being some of the best seats in the house. Bob and his keyboard were set up on the far left of the stage (if facing it) and towards the back so he was facing us. Most of the songs I didn't know I have to admit. I was surprised I didn't. The ones I did know sounded very different than the recorded versions which I'm sure you have all heard that he does. His encores were "Like A Rolling Stone" and "All Along The Watchtower". The other two he did that I knew were "Girl From The North Country" (okay so I know Pete's version better...) and "Positively Fourth Street" (which I didn't know he played until I checked the play list later since it didn't sound the same!) - I recognized some others, too. That's all...nothing from Blonde On Blonde or anything besides "Girl From The North Country" from Freewheelin' Bob (my favourites). But it made sense that he didn't want to do a lot of well-known songs. He played around 13 songs and was on for an hour and a half. I got a really cool black shirt with him playing his harmonica in silver outlining.
I am so glad I got to see him! Thank you for taking me dad! (it was a birthday present for both of us. His is April 26 and mine is May 15)

Yesterday my band jammed, and we recorded two really good songs. I think I'm going to post one of them because I'm really proud of it. They're both originals!
I'm also going to get more pictures up this week I hope!

In the mail I got some amazing Stones pictures from my Pen Pal Charlotte in Germany. They are just so gorgeous and colourful that I might have to post a couple of them too. Thank you so much Charley if you or your father reads this! I LOVE them!

I also got a letter from a friend in Liverpool that was an extremely pleasant surprise with some great pictures in it as well!
Good weekend I had, and good week I will have. I have a band concert Wednesday night. I have become obsessed with band. I play tenor sax in regular and jazz band. We had our last jazz rehearsal today before we perform at the concert. If I buy the CD recording of the concert (which hopefully I will) I'll have to post the jazz songs, so you can hear the solos I worked hard on! :)
Hope everyone had a great Earth Day, and great weekend!


Bobby Dylan

I'm seeing Bobby tomorrow. Oh, I am SO excited. I was afraid I would never get to see him, and he's going to be in St. Louis TOMORROW!
This girl at my school is going. I really don't think she has any passion for the music and she doesn't really know who he really is. It kind of hurts that someone can act so casual about a concert when he is one of the most important people I have ever listened to and I've been waiting so long to see him live. I am also too judgemental and possesive. Something I'm working on...


Profile Picture

Thanks for all the great comments guys! I love you, I really do. I'll get Part II up hopefully this weekend. It won't be as exciting though, obviously.

So do I look more mature and intelligent...or do I look like a freak in my new picture? I got soooo tired of my smile in the other one. Ha.


Pictures Part I

Here are some pictures from that night I will never forget on In The Attic:

Aley and Me

Tracie, Hannah, and Me

Simon and Me

My dad, Rachel, Me, and Pete

My dad, me, and Mikey

Rachel and me!!

Pete Townshend and me (!!!!!)


I Am Home

I can't believe I was in London yesterday and now I'm in St. Louis.
Wow, talk about a change in setting!
I have to admit I like sleeping in my own bed, and I loved seeing all my friends today at school.
But I really miss Notting Hill! I really wish I could hang out with all the bloggers who live in Britain, get to know them. Hopefully I'll meet everybody someday! We could have a music festival! That'd be really cool.
So that was the biggest fantasy of a week I'll ever have.
I will post pictures really soon.
I hope everyone had a great Monday. I learned Julia today (from the White Album) at guitar lessons. Great finger picking there. Hopefully I'll learn some more slide soon too! I'm also going to change my blog picture tonight I believe.
Alright, I'm blogging off from St. Louis now!