lose your dreams and you will lose your mind, ain't life unkind?



I love jam sessions. I've always loved watching and listening to them, I'm fascinated. The Dead, Clapton, Zeppelin, Who...all amazing to watch.

But, however, I am definitely new at jamming myself. I'm totally fine with playing songs and singing, but when I improvise...I'm not all that good yet. I am improving though. If I have a riff to kind of base my playing on, then I feel safer. I jam almost everyday during the week and I hope I will get better, I'm bound to right?
Anyway, it will all turn out fine.

This morning I heard about Corretta Scott King. She was on my mind today, what an amazing woman.

- claire -


Anne-Marie is the best!

Can a man get anymore gorgeous than that?
Thank you so much Anne-Marie, for sending me the picture. Made my day!
The Stones are in St. Louis tonight. I'm wearing my Bigger Bang shirt I got at the concert in Memphis. I can't believe they're in this city AT THIS MOMENT and I don't get to see them. No, I am lucky to have seen them in Memphis, one of the best cities in the country! Graceland, Sun Studios, Civil Rights Museum and more.
I'm going to a coffee shop tonight to see a blues performer with my dad and sister. Should be fun.
- claire -


Hey All!

It's getting closer and closer to Spring Break, which is when we go to England! I'm extremely excited. It's going to be AMAZING. I would love to meet Rachel and Mikey and maybe even....PETE TOWNSHEND. I can't even say that without freaking out. He's my idol. Whoa! I can't handle it. Hopefully I wouldn't act like that if I did meet him, haha.
Well, I hope everyone's having a great week. I don't blog as much as I used to, I'll start up again.
I feel out of the loop!
Alright, tell me what's up in your lives!
- claire -


Neil Young

I recommend anyone who hasn't yet to go out and buy the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Neil Young is on the cover. I get Rolling Stone in the mail, it's my favourite read and I LOVE getting it. This week there is a big article on Neil. I didn't know much about him, but after I read this mini-bio I did. The writer quoted Neil a lot because he interviewed him recently. A lot of the things Neil said related to me. I was amazed because some of the things he stated are things I've been thinking lately, or things that I have felt but hadn't been able to explain.
Anyway, it's a really special issue and I think anyone would enjoy it.
- claire -


Dang It

I'm stalling, but I have to clean my room really soon or else I can't jam tomorrow after school. This is a really good way for my folks to get me to do things because I can't breath if I don't play with me bandmates.
Oh geez, not good is it?

Have fabulous Wednesdays everyone.



My iPod broke.
I have dropped it like four times now and the first three times it didn't do anything to my iPod at first but then finally weird things started happening so we turned them in for new ones each time since I have the warrenty on it.
But this time the screen cracked and now I can only read out of less than a fourth of the screen and they won't replace it. I'm so scared, I don't know what to do because I use my iPod all the time, it's best friend. Now I have to struggle to read anything on it and I don't know what can possibely happen next. I really did like cry over this. Am I pathetic or what?

I am reading one of the best books of my life though...The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. This has changed my life for the better, unlike a broken iPod.

I hope everyone has a good Martin Luther King Junior weekend. Bless him.

- claire -


Happy Birthday Elvis Aron Presley

I went to the Pageant last night and saw an Elvis impersonator. He had a great voice and danced well but his face didn't look too much like Elvis. It was nice though. One of the acts before him was a Buddy Holly impersonator which was awesome too.
Today is Elvis Presley's 71st birthday.
He really was the King.


Spinal Cord...

Spinal Tap is one of my favourite movies of ALL time, and I was looking for e-cards to send my grandpa for his birthday yesterday and came across these. You have to join the website and pay 20 dollars to send the cards to people, but anyone can preview them. These two performed by two of the "Spinal Cord" members are so funny I can't stop watching them.
The Birthday one is funnier than the Get Well Soon one, which I didn't really enjoy as much until the last line of the card (you'll know what I mean, it is hilarious). They are both kinda noisy so you might want to turn the sound down on your computer a little bit. Especially for the Get Well Soon one. Anyway, I'm rambling on.



- claire -

p.s. Thank's for the feedback on our song. More of them to come.


All Along The Watchtower

This is a recording we did today. The song is Jimi's version of "All Along The Watchtower" and consists of me on rhythm guitar, our new guitarist Zach on lead (hes amazing) and Tim on drums.
I think it turned out well for a demo, no vocals yet.
I think you need iTunes to download. Tell me if it even works, it's my first song posted!


Happy New Year To All

I hope you all have a great time living in 2006. New things will come, old things will return. It should be a trip.