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Like A Rolling Stone

Seeing Bobby was (obviously) extremely groovy. He played keyboards and harmonica the whole time. No guitar because of his arthritis. We were in the second to front row in the balcony and literally the last two seats on the far right. These ended up being some of the best seats in the house. Bob and his keyboard were set up on the far left of the stage (if facing it) and towards the back so he was facing us. Most of the songs I didn't know I have to admit. I was surprised I didn't. The ones I did know sounded very different than the recorded versions which I'm sure you have all heard that he does. His encores were "Like A Rolling Stone" and "All Along The Watchtower". The other two he did that I knew were "Girl From The North Country" (okay so I know Pete's version better...) and "Positively Fourth Street" (which I didn't know he played until I checked the play list later since it didn't sound the same!) - I recognized some others, too. That's all...nothing from Blonde On Blonde or anything besides "Girl From The North Country" from Freewheelin' Bob (my favourites). But it made sense that he didn't want to do a lot of well-known songs. He played around 13 songs and was on for an hour and a half. I got a really cool black shirt with him playing his harmonica in silver outlining.
I am so glad I got to see him! Thank you for taking me dad! (it was a birthday present for both of us. His is April 26 and mine is May 15)

Yesterday my band jammed, and we recorded two really good songs. I think I'm going to post one of them because I'm really proud of it. They're both originals!
I'm also going to get more pictures up this week I hope!

In the mail I got some amazing Stones pictures from my Pen Pal Charlotte in Germany. They are just so gorgeous and colourful that I might have to post a couple of them too. Thank you so much Charley if you or your father reads this! I LOVE them!

I also got a letter from a friend in Liverpool that was an extremely pleasant surprise with some great pictures in it as well!
Good weekend I had, and good week I will have. I have a band concert Wednesday night. I have become obsessed with band. I play tenor sax in regular and jazz band. We had our last jazz rehearsal today before we perform at the concert. If I buy the CD recording of the concert (which hopefully I will) I'll have to post the jazz songs, so you can hear the solos I worked hard on! :)
Hope everyone had a great Earth Day, and great weekend!


At 4:46 PM, Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Hi CE!
I saw Zimmy with The Grateful Dead back when I was around your age. He came on at like 1:00am and did "The Times are a Changin." It was pretty cool, glad you had a blast.
Long live rock,

At 5:40 PM, Blogger ian g. said...

Interested to read your review.

Can't agree at all that anyone could sing "Girl From the North Country" better than his Bobness (no not even "Pete"), and have to say that although a lot of his set might seem a bit unfamiliar to those wanting the "greatest hits", his last 2 albums (on which the set is largely based), sold massively / won Grammies.

Glad you enjoyed it though. The last time I saw him (last year in Nottingham UK) was the first time I'd been a bit disappointed. The several times before that he's been absolutely stunning. A bit like an "action painter". Constantly inventing and changing the material as he goes along.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger "Angeldust" said...

Aren't you one smart and fortunate young lady...

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Gary said...

What a great Birthday present. I was fortunate enough to see Bob Dylan a few years ago with Paul Simon. Bob was way better than Paul, wayyyy better.

Happy Birthday to your Dad on the 26th, mine is on the 27th. Good lord.. 42, where does the time go?

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Anne-Marie said...

What a great birthday present, hanging out with your dad watching a living legend playing some of the best songs ever written. Lucky girl!

Happy birthday to you both!


At 6:06 PM, Blogger NYC TAXI SHOTS said...

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At 9:43 PM, Blogger Tommy D said...

Hi Claire, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Maybe you'll like this also.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger TheStLouieWhoie said...

Love your new profile picture! Have you read Dylan's autobiography yet? My husband says it is pretty cool..I hope to read it when I'm off work this summer.
Love, Denise

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hey alright! I wondered how it went, but I got caught up in my own stuff and forgot to ask you about it!
I'm glad you had a good time!

But now where are these song clips?
I admit I need to post another one myself, I was going to do that today, actually..
You really should post your music Claire, it's ok!! Not everyone knows you can play, because a lot of people never heard your "All Along the watchtower", it was a
long time ago that you posted that, and there are more people blogging you now. Let people know you can actually play!
I know from personal experience that not everyone takes females seriously
when they say they can play.
Obviously don't do it if you don't feel good about it, though. I don't want you to feel pressured. :) xoxoLisa

At 9:50 AM, Blogger ginab said...

He has arthritis? omg. I didn't know.

you get around my friend. like a rolling stone. THE best lyrics. iconic. I keep meaning to get his book. I heard him interviewed on national public radio, last fall I think it was. enjoyed the conversation a whole lot. so much happened in between is what got in the way.

I'm a busy bee today but I wanted to say hello! I'm offline at home weekends (I just moved and it takes time for the techies to catch up).


good to see you!



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