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Hey everyone! Wow, I do feel a tiny bit famous now! Nice feeling it is.
Thanks for all the fantastic comments. It was so amazing being on ITA, and I hope all the bloggers know how much they are loved by Rachel. She's such a great girl.
Actually, I did have a little wine before I went on...

Last night my father and I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Razorlight. It is a beautiful place. We are now kicking ourselves for not having the camera!
Two opening bands: Boy Kill Boy and Dogs. They were really cool.
On the ticket it said "Razorlight, with very special guest." I was really excited. We thought maybe it was Clapton!
Then Roger came out before they come on! I was so happy - it was a real surprise!
I was on Cloud Nine! He came out and talked, along with a boy who has suffered cancer but has recovered now I believe. It's so great that Rog contributes to the Teenage Cancer Trust Fund and organized these concerts.
So then Razorlight came out. I didn't know their music well, but the lead singer is really groovy. He came out into the audience and started singing. I thought he was really cool about everything. People were screaming and yelling his name and singing along and he never really even smiled. He acted like it was all normal and I just thought that was interesting.
Then the encore happened. And wow, guess what? Roger Daltrey performed "Summertime Blues". Oh god, pinch me! Two Who members in two nights! Too much for me to handle. But somehow I did because I'm here today.
He even twirled his microphone. My dad and I were going crazy. I felt bad because I wasn't really feeling the concert too much (kinda tired and had to use the loo but the line was way too long at the beginning of the concert), then he came out and I was screaming my head off, and clapping and jumping and even the occasional "I LOVE YOU ROGER!!".
Dreams really do come true, I have found out this week more than one time.
I do believe that Music Is The Answer, and I know you guys do too.
So let's here it for every rocker we've ever fallen in love with or felt connected to. Every song we've listened to nine times in a row.
What a great feeling.
We're all in it together, you know?


At 5:18 AM, Blogger PTfan said...

Good morning! Thanks for coming over to my blog and telling me if I wasn't already jealous!!! LOL WOW! Roger too! Girl, this is th etrip of a lifetime!

Alright, hear me chime in for all of the rockers I've fallen in "love" with! Lord knows there's been enough of them!

I'm very happy for you!

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Jim Laughlan said...

Wow Claire.. 2 Who's in 2 days.

I happened to meet John Entwistle at a local club where the John Entwistle band was playing back in 2000. He was an awesome guy. The place where he was playing at was just up the street from where I worked, and I usually stopped in for lunch so I knew the owner. He even bought me a round. He and the other guys were all at the bar having lunch and drinks also. I asked him what was he doing in a place like this (I worked in Niagara Falls, USA). He laughed and asked why, and I told him that Love Canal was just up the road and he said "Oh jeez"... then he added 'Cause I am getting paid!". You gotta love the guy.

My first Who concert was in Toronto in 1980. Heart and J Geils Band opened (Heart was terrific). This was when Kenney Jones was in the band. It was a good show.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger TheStLouieWhoie said...

Hey There! I will try and put a couple more pictures up soon. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life. I was only 18 when I first met The Who and can remember just about everything that happened ;)

Did Rachel mention that they might come to St. Louis on the tour? I pray that they do so my friends can see them. (I'll be going to a couple of cities this fall, what about you?)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your vacation. You looked "Fabulous" on the show!
Love, Denise

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Marietta said...

Hi Claire Eliza...

I won't be at work tomorrow. I'll be at the Convention all day!

Oh, it's such a pity that you didn't come yesterday or today. :o(
Try and come to the Goldhawk tonight...

I'll be back at work on Monday, are you going to still be here?

I hope I see you!

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Grace said...

sounds like an absolutely fantastic trip. so glad for you, i have been to the R A H, actually seen the who there, fun place.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Mark T said...

Hi Claire, you have some great memories to take back and I'm so glad you have had a great time here in the UK. Have a good trip back home and save the memories forever. Mark

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Tommy D said...

Hi Claire, remember me? I sure hope you do! Because when I write, I write for people like you, and I write with one intention. I want people, like you and me, to remember Tommy D. That is my intent.

But, since I never know if I’ve been successful, in case you have forgotten me, here - allow me to refresh your memory. This is what you said, last Fall: Tommy D - you have fabulous comments. I absolutely loved what you said. The random questions. My favourite was the question about novelist being schizophrenic. It's a very good observation. I wonder if a majority of them really are? Hmmm.

I love green, reminds me of broccoli and laffy taffy. I like the riddle under Pete and Keith. Keep it. I like the picture of the drive-in. I wish I lived in the 50s, so I could go to the drive-in all the time. I also wish I lived in the 60s, 70s, 20s, 30s, 80s, and 2070s. Oh well.

It was a drag that John Lennon was shot, but I couldn't imagine him now. He probably would have committed suicide by the time Bush was elected president, or 9/11 occurred. He is one of my favourite people in the world.

I hope you like my blog, because I like yours. Oh yeah, I am a fast typer! I love typing. You should rename the comment you saved "It isn't Friday the 13th!" because today's the 14th, we're lucky we barley missed it being the 13th.

I hope everyone likes my blog. I like blogging. I like life. It's nice sometimes…

love! - claire –

Claire, my Blog has changed completely since you wrote that. I just love to tinker with it. I’ve added something of interest and you might want to have a read – BUT – first talk to you’re dad and see what he thinks? Then go with his decision. I’ve added “Catcher In The Rye” and “Huckleberry Finn.” If you haven’t read these books and perhaps discussed them with mom and dad, I think you should – and here’s why: I think there is a song in there just waiting for you to discover and then perhaps take a moment and write it. Ol’ Tom Sawyer eh? I bet you two would have got along. As for J.D. Salinger’s book, maybe you could write a song about that young girl in the blue raincoat, going round and around, although I think it’s already been done.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that it was fun to see you on Rachel’s show, ITA. And it would have been, like even better, if I heard you sing. Oh well, maybe next time.

PS; I wrote a little note to Rachel and I mentioned your name. I was having some fun and I felt like writing a little fantasy – so I did.

I have to go now, but I’ll keep in touch. But here, for now, is my gift to you: Five videos from Rocco Deluca on my new home page. Rocco is shy and an unassuming young man and I think he’s kind of handsome. You might like to take a “Bus Ride” with him. I just love the sound of his Dobro. Drop in and have a look around and have a listen – I will not steer you wrong.

Did you know that Billy Joel would not play “Captain Jack” on stage because he found his own words to be offensive? Can you jive? I bet some of the new Rappers laughed and laughed. If you’d like to hear “Captain Jack” – Live, drop in for a listen, and then you can dance around the room with Christie Lee and tell your friends that you've been christened.

There is plenty more for you to discover – on your own.

PPS; I believe when talking to teenagers, that adults should talk as if they are talking to other adults. But you know how some adults can be so childish, so I think it’s wise to go slow. If you find anything on my Blog that is outlandish, it was probably meant to be. The darkness surrounds us, but here on earth we can be warm and gentle and kind. It just takes some practice.

PPPS; Oh yeah, that last picture of Rachel is gorgeous eh? She never listens to anything I say, but if I were in charge, I would cut her out and paste her onto another background, or crop the picture so tight and wash the background until it is pure white. I love the image, it just needs to be uncluttered and focused upon.

Tommy Discool

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Anne-Marie said...

I'm so delighted to read that you're having a wonderful trip across the pond. Safe flight home, my dear, and continued great fun until you have to leave.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Sarah Beth said...

Hey...never talked to you before but I've seen you around for quite a while and I just wanted to say it was so cool to see you on the show! You must be one of the coolest 13 year olds ever if you like The Who and Clapton and other classic rock bands...amazing! I didn't start liking bands like that until just a few years ago! Did your dad expose you to that kind of music growing up? He seems very cool as well if he's bringing you to concerts. Wish my parents did that! :o)

And yes, loved the tights! Very punk rock. :o) So glad you go to go on the show and meet everyone. That memory will be with you forever, and that's such a great thing!

Ok, enough of my rambling! See ya around!

At 8:08 AM, Blogger JoeBoy said...

You were so good on ITA. So relaxed, and you looked like you belonged there. I am so happy for you. I was going to England in July, but a girlfriend happened. Now we are going to the Mexican Pacific. Very proud to be your blog friend Miss C.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Dale said...

Dear Claire Eliza

Congratulations for such a lovely show on ITA!
You lucky girl, you!

And you're right - we ARE in this together.
That's what makes it so special.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger ernie said...

pictures??? :D

grtz Elke

great story!!

At 1:21 AM, Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Me and my girls LOVED seeing you on the show. The tights were fabulous.
OK, I can't ignore the fact that you had a sip of wine. Please don't think alcohol is a great inhiibitor. It really is a great depressant, and makes you feel very regretful. However, you were in a "pressure" situation, and you have a wonderful father, he seems to know what he is doing, as you are a terrific young lady. Still, the MOM part of me had to address the little bit of wine..... sorry, no more lectures. You really are a great kid.


At 1:47 AM, Blogger SuperAmanda said...

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At 1:49 AM, Blogger SuperAmanda said...

I hope you are still here in London. Please email me and we can have MORE TEA!!
Wonderful entry and it was so fun to seee you ITA :)

At 11:17 AM, Blogger oh-so-Fabuloso said...

Once again, collective chant: CLAIRE_ELIZA, CLAIRE_ELIZA, CLAIRE_ELIZA!!!

Hiya. Did you meet any hottie blokes in the UK? Any Nigels or Stueys with British accents to die for? I made it a point to try to break free from my drudgeries early last week just to catch a glimpse of the ITA's Very Special Guest...not Pete, not Simon, not Allie, not Freaky Girl Who Hypnotizes!

You were stellar on the show. (Caught some of ITA on loop.) YOU'RE LIKE A MUSIC WORLD VERSION OF EMMA ROBERTS! Did you purchase any merch in the UK? Like Joey did on Friends? Haha. No really--I would have spent half the time shopping for rarities and collectibles. Actually, on my previous trips to London, I loved strolling Carnaby St. and haggling with street vendors.
Post lots of photos of your 'pilgrmage' to musical mecca.

I LOVE RAZORLIGHT and have their CDs. You lucky duck. Did you stop by HMV to pick up any music not available in the States? I love The Ordinary Boys, available on import CD here. (I know--CDs are soooo 90's. Yeah, I can only imagine how many classic rock downloads you have on your iPod!)

Your dad seemed really cool too--what a great parent to sponsor your trip abroad to meet with the greats. I was never offered the straight-As-for-all-inclusive-trip-to-England deal. I did get straight As and was rewarded with a 'congratulations, now keep doing that in high school' at the age of 13! Best.

At 5:48 PM, Blogger elena said...

Hi Claire,

So you saw Roger too...Wow, Congratulations again!!! Ha,ha...I guess that you had a great time in London, hehe


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hi Claire!
I'm sure you are home by now...loved your Razorlight/Roger story! What a special person he is, eh?
You really had the time of your life in England - I'm so happy for you.
And it looks like you're a grateful girl, with alot of heart.
Now back to reality you go...but I'm guessing your feet won't touch the ground for awhile...
Take care,

At 8:13 AM, Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I just had to share this: My younger daughter brought home a music sheet over the weekend. The song is called "Music Is Always There". How funny is that? It is a corny little tune, but it says: "Wherever I go. Whatever I do. Whatever I am, whatever I'll be. Through the joy and the strife, there's a rhythm in life. And music is always there for me!"

I hope my girls get to see The Who and Rachel this tour!



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