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Christmas time is here

Christmas is just around the corner really. I am SO excited.
I had a great weekend, volleyball games and soccer games and hanging out with friends.
I watched "Elf" Saturday night. That movie is so funny, I laughed more than the children I was babysitting! haha.
But really, the Christmas holidays are like no other. Everyone is content and happy. One of my favourite parts is singing all the carols. I used to go to Arkansas each year for Christmas to visit with my Great-Grandparents, but now I go to Kansas City every Winter Break. Halloween and Thanksgiving are exciting, too, but nothing compared to all the preparation that goes into December 25th.

Today at school I had to get all of my homework for the next two days because of the Paul McCartney concert, I'm loaded with work to do tonight and Wednesday night. I hate being behind at school, it's a drag.
Hope everyone's doing well, and the weather isn't too hot or too cold where ever you are (I'm actually burning up right now in my jeans, but I'm at school which is NOT air-conditioned).

- claire -


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Bri said...

Hi Claire, Have a wonderful time at Paul McCartney!!!!

I love Christmas too. Last year was the first Christmas my son and I spent here at our new apartment. We still didn't have much furniture, but we made do and had a blast. I cooked the traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and gravy meal I grew up with, and we ate it sitting on matching yoga mats on the floor, our plates in our laps, the dog lying on the floor staring at us! We decorated the tree beautifully and had lights, and my son said it was the most fun Christmas in ages.

What do you usually eat for a Christmas meal? We also spend the morning on Christmas every year at Children's Hospital. That's a long story and I'd better save it for my own blog!

Big hugs, enjoy your adventure!


At 11:46 PM, Blogger momok said...

i love the movie "elf". when i went to catch it at the movies, i thought it was going to be a lameass wholesome movie, but it was funny like hell. love it.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Claire,

I do like Christmas. I'm in Finland, and in the dead of winter the sun hardly rises (luckily I'm not quite in the polar circle, there it doesn't rise at all). Christmas brings a bit of light and warmth in the darkness.

I noticed your comment on religions in Pete's blog. I'm atheist but I respect's people's beliefs and my father is a priest (protestant, evangelic-lutheran). I think whether you follow this or that religion is not important. You have to find your own truth. I mean, the earthly authorities of the different religions are human beings as everyone else.

Hope everything is fine!



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