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Gig Tomorrow

V. excited because I have a gig tomorrow at a resteraunt. It's the same resteraunt I played at last friday. We are going to play Dear Prudence, You Can't Always Get What You Want, and an instrumental version of Honky Tonk Woman. It will be pretty awesome.

We get out of school early Thursday and I don't have school Friday, so I am excited about that also. I have a formal dance called "Fort Nightly" on Friday night. We learn how to ball room dance and we get dance cards. It is actually fun, but I don't know how many of my friends are going. Oh well.
Hopefully I will be seeing Paul McCartney on Tuesday. I am really not sure though, I'm scaird we might not get tickets (I know its getting pretty late). We tried to get some off Ebay but my mum didn't tell me if we got them yet or not. Yikes!

Hope you guys are having fun out there...

- claire -

p.s. I changed my username, because I felt it was too long. It is now Claire Eliza, just so everyone knows I'm still me.


At 3:15 AM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

I left you a comment below...

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Bri said...

Claire, Me too, a couple of posts down where you asked me about the piano!


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Claire Eliza said...

Ballerinagurl, thank you for the comment. I am very nervous about my future. Hopefully something good will come out of it. I want to be a musician...but what if it doesn't work out! Should I major in something else in college for backup? Ahh! I'm just stressing I guess. Hopefully things will work out. What if I still have a blog then? That would be crazy! ha!

Brina, i'm so glad you love your piano! That's too exciting!
My gig is coming up at 9, so I have four more hours! Yikes! I'm actually not that nervous, it will be great.
I hope your husband does well! I've been to a lock-in before, nice place for a gig. What kinda of music do they play?
And what's your sons name and age? haha...

Thanks again guys.


- claire -

At 6:03 PM, Blogger SimonT said...

You're listening to the right music! Keep smilin an groovin! See you back In The Attic sometime.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger Bri said...

Hi Claire,

You made me giggle with your response to my post, you refer to my husband. I don't have one anymore, am newly divorced, so it was funny to see that.

I do however have a very handsome teenage son, A.J., who is almost 16.

I can't describe their music because it totally crosses genres. They write almost all their own songs. Some are goofy ballads with almost blues riffs; others are what I think is called "emo" (at least that's what they call it), some are metal-like, some are rock, some are ska-like? see what I mean?

A.J. does have a girlfriend but I still think you'd like him. He's a good person.

Looking forward to hearing about your gig.

At 8:14 PM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...


Well matter of fact YES I would encourage you to attend an arts academy like I did. You also get to peek into other fields and that is how I realized I actually COULD do something in the design business and interiors. This was my backup. I also love the medical field. Somthing to do with using my body as my work tool I guess. If I had to I could go back and attend Medical School. Maybe I will one day just for the fascination! I think there is a difference in going to school for a career and going for sheer enjoyment. Why not find a major you like that has both!

I attened Interlochen Arts Academy and Julliard by the way...BOTH of which have summer intensive programs and offer scolarships! Check them out and let me know what you think.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

there I go again with my wall of degrees and not being able to spell! HA!

I meant to say Attended

At 10:32 PM, Blogger Dave said...


You brought up Blur over at my blog. Do grab that CD off your dad's shelf and give them a listen.

Also, have you ever listened to any of Pete Townshed's Scoop albums?

I bought the first one when it came out back about the time your dad and I were ending our college careers. I think you would like it as much as I did (still do). He released, I think, another two follow-ups. Go out to Amazon and look them up and then make your dad buy one or more of them for the both of you.

Here's a link:

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Claire Eliza said...

Simon: Cheers! I do love my music, and i will definitly see you back at The Attic soon.

Ballerinagurl: I would love to attend an art school, any art school really as long as there are music majors. Visiting some in England would be very cool (espessualy the one Pete attended). If I am not an accomplished musician my self by the time I'm 40, I would like to look into producing albums. This would be pretty neat. Or maybe becoming a lawyer or photographer. There are many options out there. I will check out summer camps and let you know!

Brina: Oh, I didn't know you were newly divorced! haha, I'm sorry. Glad it made you giggle, though. I'm sure I would enjoy talking to your son!

Dave: I'll talk to my dad about Scoop, I have yet to hear it, but would LOVE to. I'm sure he'd be up for buying them. At least one...he's at the Cards game! YESSS we won, 5-3 i believe? pretty groovy!

Have great fun on Thursday everyone!


- claire -


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