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Ah ha! I feel much better...

Just finished a Monday full of school, it was so-so. But then I came on my blog (not expecting any comments really) and found Mikey, Jessica, and Rene had written me. You guys are wonderful, some great advice in there too.

Mikey - thank you so much for the chords! I'll perform it at a gig and I'll make sure I mention your name as the writer and maybe even mention your blog...

I have guitar lessons in about 45 minutes and im uber excited, at least I have one thing to look forward to each week that's consistent.

Thanks again for reading my stuff, I'm just about to get on to seeing if any of you have updated yours...


- claire -


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Bri said...

Hi Claire, I'd been reading your posts at Rachel's blog and had no idea of your age. I'm delighted to meet you! I especially love that you are "in love" with your music.

You have a long life of music ahead of you, enjoy it and remember it's always there to lean on when things get a bit rocky.

Have a great guitar lesson today. What's your teacher like? I was a piano teacher for many years, specialized in teaching teens and adults.

I have a son but no daughter, always wanted a daughter but now I'm just looking into the way future hoping for a granddaughter someday!

Anyway, it's great to "meet" you. I love your attitude.

Brina in Minnesota

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Hi Claire,

thanks for leaving such cheery notes on my blog! You sound like an enthusiastic and talented young lady, although I also had no clue you were so young when I read your posts on other blogs. You're only two years older than the kids I teach, but you seem miles ahead of them and so confident.

I used to write songs on the piano when I was your age and loved to perform them at school talent nights. Isn't it great to be live in front of people? Such great energy.

As for Rocky Horror, this was a Friday night ritual when I was a teenager. Does it still play in little run-down second-string theatres like when I was your age? If so, get out there to the midnight screenings, they are a blast, and make sure you pack all the accoutrements.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger Claire Eliza said...

Hello! thank you so much, i try to be mature, i don't have much tolerance for people who don't respect music or learning about anything in general.

I am so glad you guys have reminded me about my music allways being there. kind of like a best friend, eh?

brina: my guitar teacher is wonderful! he is about 40 and his taste in music is just amazing, he knows anything I EVER want to learn, and if not he'll let me bring in a CD to listen to and figure out the melodies. today i learned "Michelle" by the beatles to perform in my french class (my teacher suggested me bring in my guitar and play it - he could be joking but im taking this seriously! haha)

anne-marie: i live in st. louis and u-city used to have a theatre that would show Rocky Horror all the time, I'm not sure if it's anywhere out there now, but I'll check it out. It would be too cool! and performing in front of a live audience gives me a thrill nothing else can, its almost magical!

thanks again guys! this blog thing is the perfect way to boost my energy!

- claire -

At 11:38 PM, Blogger Mike S said...

Glad you are feeling better Claire.
Thanks for replying
on my blog.Good luck with your
musical endeavors,you are on the
right track.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Bri said...

Hi Claire,
Did you play "Michelle" in French class? Did you? I can't wait to hear about it!

When I took French in high school, I was in advanced placement and we were only allowed to speak French in there, which was fun. Anyway, we were encouraged to do creative projects (like your "Michelle" idea).

For that class, I translated a Joni Mitchell song into French. Gosh, I wish I could remember which one..."A Case of You", perhaps? I think so. The hard part of translating it was making rhymes in French without losing the meaning of the English song. It was a great project, though.

If you don't already have Joni Mitchell CDs in your collection, please go right out and get "Blue." You'll love it.


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