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Paul Tickets!

Wow, they came in the mail TODAY! I'm leaving Tuesday midday, and getting there that night to see him! Then Wednsday we get to eat pancakes! haha, this is so amazing. Thank's mother and father, for letting me do this.
I mean, this is what I LIVE for folks. Have you guys seen him yet, or are you? Tell me some stories! I saw him in 2002. I was 10. That was when I officialy decided to devote my life to music.
I am so pumped! WAHOOO!


- claire -


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Ummm...maybe you would like to credit the person or persons who are making this possible for you. Hmmmm...?

Sorry to be a scold but you do live with two very cool adults.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger lryicsgrl said...

I DID see Paul, when he was a BEATLE. I was 4 years old. I had COOL parents too.
Have fun (all of you).
All the best.


At 10:24 AM, Blogger Claire Eliza said...

Oh, you're right dave. I did say thank you to my mum a TON of times because she's the one who go them off ebay. And now that they both have read my blog, i'm sure they'll read it again. I'll add that in there. I know they are pretty cool adults.
lzygrl, that is too cool! wow, i wish i could say that! glad you had some cool parents too! We will have fun!

- claire -

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous YO' MAMA said...

Thanks for thanking me, Claire. I love you with all of my heart--even when I can't make up my mind about what kind of mood I'm in.
Do you have anything political to say, or are you avoiding that topic to maintain an upbeat, positive mood on your Blog?!!

You amaze me every single day.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Claire Eliza said...

Since I showed my mother how, she is commenting now. Isn't that nice?
Mom: I would do some political posts, but nothing has come up lately for me to address. Well, maybe something has I just haven't been looking lately.
Good idea though.

- claire -

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous auntlaura said...

It's Aunt Laura here, Sweetie. Do you hate being called Sweetie on your blog? When I read it, I felt like I was reading the diary of a famous musician. And I am! So proud of you for playing at open mike nights, you rock. I can't wait to see and hear you and the entire band sometime soon. How lucky are you to be going to Chi-town? I'm jealous. More to say, but will keep it short in the spirit of brief blogging. Much love, AL

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Rene said...

So pleased you go the tickets Claire, I hoped to see him at Live 8 in Hyde Park London over the summer but the queue to get in meant we missed him. I remember Mikey telling me a story that he went to see him in a concert at Liverpool and slept the night at the train station. He did that recently after a Who concert too! You should ask him for that story. Must blog of fnow, Mikey has oredered a weekend treat - indian takeaway!! x Rene

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Tommy D said...

Hi, Claire, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit, and hopefully found something simple, and of interest, otherwise why would I do it?

I take it you think that green is a pretty colour. It is, but it’s not my favourite. I like blue. And I still can’t get it through my head why green is a primary colour. Somehow it doesn’t seem logical to me. I like red at times, and I like yellow if it’s soft. Black always intrigues me, but I find a lack of colour in white.

If I’m ever under the Arch, I’ll be sure to drop in. Go St. Louis.

Did you get a chance to really look around? Did you find that the guy that drew the 9 drawings after taking LSD was a little creepy? I thought one of his drawings was angelic, and one was just scribbled. Chemistry – Warning: never mix an unknown chemistry into the chemistry that you were born with. LSD is just crazy!

Do you like photography, do you like to be photographed. Does your mother know that I swear? Listen up sweetie, cause you’re only thirteen – and because of what I’m saying here, I’m going to post this in the open as well as on your reply page – because I don’t want to be accused, like Peter was. It can be very hard to defend yourself in certain situations. If I were alone in an elevator and Mary-Ellen, the psycho from Accounting got on, and we had 10 floors to go, I’d get off and walk! Cause if Mary ever decided to tear at her clothes and scream and kick and carry on, well what I can tell you? I’m screwed. You see, Mary has always worried that her behaviour might someday get her fired. She was told that if she caused one more ruckus she’d be gone! What do you suppose she might say, in order to protect her job? You got it. I attacked her! There is no other way out for her. If she’s honest and says that she herself simply lost it, she’s gone. Survival of the fittest. Her word against mine – automatic default.

While I’d love to have you read all of my work, who wouldn’t, I must ask that you be very selective if you decide to return and move around my site. Do you know what a Bimbo is? I don’t either! But I do know what two bimbos are – brawling broads.

I think you might find the van Gogh letters a little boring, but E-bow The Letter is a mighty fine song. Do you know who Maria Callas is? Don’t fret it…most people don’t, as you’ll learn in this song.

Do you think it was fair of me to mention Fat Chance Herman and tell what he said?

I just made my first save, I would have lost all of that, all that I just typed. Can you type fast?

I had to think fast and come-up with a name in order to save this, so I saved it as “save little girl” without the silly marks of course. Pretty stupid, but I wanted to get back to what I was saying. I’ll change it later. Any idea what I should call it?

I’m looking at my site now and working my way up, back up the page, and I’m looking at Peter and Keith now. Is that riddle just a little too silly, and should I remove it?

The Ride – I wouldd really like it if you went there. But go no further, unless you have your mom or your dad standing by your side.

Sorry about all the swear words that I say, but I do honestly try not to just sprinkle them about. You know, the way everybody at school seems to just fling swear words around for no apparent reason. It turns boring really fast, eh?
I was going to write a little something that takes place on a playground, but I saw the dialogue as being a problem, so I backed off. I didn’t feel like saying fuddle-duddle.

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“You are here” click – can you believe that awesome movie. It’s not really a movie, but it sure rocks!

Rats – scary eh?

This brings us back to home.

Tommy D

I changed my mind about posting anywhere else, Claire, there are plenty of people in here, so I'm comfortable. I hope I got your age right because you seem terribly intelligent for your age. English and Math is what the world is about, so do your best with the numbers and remeber we can't filter-out all the bad language in our lives, but we can make note where they come from and laugh or ignore. Used to be a time when nigger wasn't such a bad word, or Mark Twain would not have used it, but oh boy, don't use that word now. A guy at a gas station in Kentucky explained it to me one day. Somehow or other, I don't know what question I was answering, but I said that we didn't have a lot of black people where I came from. He had trouble with that. Finally after a little more explaining from me, he caught on. "Oh," he said, "we just call them niggers and jigga-boos down here." He went on to warn me though. "But don't call them that to their face," he said, "or they'll knock you down!" That's what he said. Kinda comical, in a way

And don't forget John Lennon, and hey...have you read The Catcher In The Rye? It's a book, but it's also a poem about a man or a boy, I forget, that catches and saves little children. Good for him. But I think it's a shame that the story got John Lennon killed. He was killed by a guy that had bad vibes and got carried away with himself. Unreal.

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Anne-Marie said...


I saw him sometime in the 90s, and we were lucky enough on the phone to score some floor tickets (10th row or something).It was great fun.

The best seats I ever had for a show was The Who at Mountainview in 2004- 6th row. That was amazing.

Oh, and this past weekend, we had 4th row for Queen- A Kind of Magic, which is a tribute band. I loved going down memory lane. Queen was always my favourite live band, and I really miss Freddie Mercury- what a showman.

Anyhow, you will have a great time, and you're sweet to thank your mum.


At 5:34 AM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

Thanks for the shout out claire! Fantastic you have such great family support! It helps in this field!

I posted the high school I went to as well as 2 of the universities I highly reccomend on my blog for you. They are on the side bar. I have attended 2 other universities including Julliard but I enjoyed the ones I posted best!

Interlochen has a world famous summer camp, which is how I got started going there you may want to check into with you parents. I go there for the reunions and am on the alumni boards so I keep up with the who's who of all artistic paths and would tell you only the best of the best teach there. Look into it. I cherish my experiences there! I hope my daughter will choose to attend one day!

I second Justin in that a gig is a gig! It is you being out there just like being on this blog! Way to go!!

Have a great week I have to run to the gym now so I can be back in time to listen to The Attic. Are you watching today?

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous brenda said...

Hey love! I found you! Love the blog - might want to re-think those favorite movies, though....."Hearts of Atlantis", "Stand By Me", "Pieces of April"????? I'm going to see you live in a gig soon!!!LOVE


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