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I have had a major Pete day, I need to watch some Kids Are Alright tonight.
At church a woman who survived the holocaust made a speech. It was very moving, I learned a lot. She says I'm the last generation that will be able to hear survivors speak because they are dying out...that was a little sad to hear, but it was true so I listened the entire time.
I just listened to the "Day In A Life" from Anthology Disc 2. It's a great one. Now I'm jammin to some "Good Morning Good Morning"...Ya ya pump up the Sgt Pepper! Wahoo!

Got my costume, kinda a medieval dress. It's pretty.

Cheers guys, cheers.

- claire -

p.s. I'll try and write a post about performing in the next couple days...

p.p.s Now its "Only A Northern Song". I love this song oh so very much, yes Georgie you are amazing.


At 2:51 AM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

HI Claire, just making the rounds to say hello to everyone. Sorry I have not been by lately. I have been uber busy and trying to stay above water. My daughter is an Elizabethan Princess so you two would match some. Have fun and post a pic of you in your costume. I would love to see!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I am headed to the dentist in the morning! LOL NO candy for me :(


At 3:31 AM, Blogger Delbut said...

Hi Claire. thanks for the encouraging words on my blog.

It's great to see a young musician with such good taste. My youngest daughter is 13 but has much worse taste than you. (in my opinion of course)

thanks once again

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