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David Chipperfield

I just got back from the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM for short). I was there listening to an architect by the name of David Chipperfield. He is designing an expansion to the museum. He has done some amazing things, he has. I love architecture. It's one of the things that I'm very interested in. I took notes, he seems like a very intelligent man. I'm glad I had to opportunity to do this. The teacher I have for teaching gifted classes told me she had an extra ticket, and knew I was interested so she asked!
go to to learn more about him, yes he is British! oh how i love the accents...can't wait to go to England...and meet STUEE! haha

ok, hope everyone's having nice days.
thanks for all the comments guys, i just love reading them. i really do.

- claire -


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Nabonidus said...

I'm new to your blog, wow! Good influences! And I like your blog photo, so cute. And you seem very mature for your age, I was quite surprised to learn how young you are. In age, anyway.KOR!

Lisa oxo

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Tom Pratt said...

Hey Claire Eliza,

Thought I'd retrun the favor since you were interested enough to post on my blog. Yeah, my brother has actually been able to make a living out of watching movies! But it's not really as easy as it sounds. It's thanks to him that I saw the movies "Woodstock" and "Monterrey Pop" when I was about 9 and that really got me interested in The Who.

I absolutely love your taste in music! It's so great to see someone your age that understands how truly important the artists from the 60's are. There are good new artists, but that period was a cultural revolution and I feel very lucky to have been alive when it all happened. When I was your age, Dylan was my number one favorite and I think it was his mixture of intelligence and humour that really attracted me to his songs. I liked your review of the Paul McCartney concert, I just saw the show here in Seattle on Nov 3 and it was fantastic, just like you described it. I notice that you listed Jethro Tull as well, and I just saw a show by him on Wednesday night. If he comes to St. Louis, be sure and go because it's a great show and they give you a free CD of a live performance of Aqualung as you leave the theatre. Very cool!

It's great that you've got an interest in architecture as well, I love to read about architecture and especialy to read books by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller.

Isn't "In the Attic" the most amazing phenomena? I really love the way that it's brought so many intelligent music lovers together simply because the artists are being so open with their music.



At 8:11 PM, Blogger Bri said...

Hi Claire dear,

Sorry I've been a bit quiet (for me!) lately. Much going on, and grad. school has got me up to my eyeballs in work. Love it, though it does have a negative effect on my sleep quotient.

Hope you are having a great Friday night. I just dropped my son off at school, he's going to attend a Shakespeare play, "The Taming of the Shrew." I reminded him that he saw it when he was quite young, in a modernized version of the play where they switched genders for all the leads and had punk rock music...outdoor Shakespeare in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, now there's a great family trip for ya!

He remembers.

Love your blog and your wonderful personality and excitement.



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