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Keith Moon

Today is Keith's birthday. He is turning sixty.
Yes I said is, not would have.

The whole week I've been telling people Moonie's birthday was coming up, and that he was turning sixty. But the people always corrected me: "Well, he WOULD have turned sixty" or even "Ha, that guy's dead as a doornail".
I don't understand.
Keith is still living. He's definitely still living. Pete and Roger say they feel his spirit every time they perform. Every time you pop in a Who album, Keith is living. When you watch "The Kids Are Alright" don't you feel like you are there reliving moments with him? I believe that when a person is deceased phisically, it does not take away from their message, their accomplishments, or the memories and stories. If anything, it makes them even more lively.
Happy Birthday Keith. We love you. = )

I hope everyone has a great end of August. I'll update again soon. I like the whole birthday posting....Buddy Holly's is coming up.


Claire Eliza.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger ernie said...

Keith fucking still rules :)
Great blog you posted, I get your point :)

see ya soon!

Grtz Elke!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger JoeBoy said...

Keith will never be forgotten. Some great KM stuff on Just search on Keith Moon.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Hi Claire,
I hope you're having a good summer vacation, my dear. Thanks for stopping by to say hi.


At 6:14 PM, Blogger PTfan said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday Keith!!!

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Metalchick said...

Happy Belated Birthday Keith!

At 11:55 PM, Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hi Claire-
Hope you are doing well.
How's school and your oh-so-kewl
band goin'?
Take care of yourself!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Dear Claire,
I mark Moonie's birthday every year as well and when i was your age I would write a little short story each year about it. One year I wrote of Moonie (or his ghost?) at his own memorial park on a Sunday afternoon where no one else is around. He rides on a scooter and has a picnin! I still have it somewhere on a spiral notepad :)

I'll be blogging off but i wanted to tell you how important it si that you are keeping the faith. I was the lone classic rock girl in my small town when everone listened to New Kids and Tiffany, so i empathize with my fellow ITA alumnus ;)

Long Live rock and Claire Eliza,

At 2:58 AM, Blogger NYC TAXI SHOTS said...

right on


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