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This is my favourite Jimmy Page picture, but this is the only one I can find online of it. This photo was taken by Jim Marshall in August, 1971 at the Forum Los Angeles. If anyone knows a site that I can find a bigger version of the picture on, I would be so happy. The site that it seems to be on is but this site is not working.
Thanks again.
Is this an extremley odd post or what?
I'm so weird.
- claire -


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Hi Claire,

Odd posts make for interesting reads. I have a Jimmy Page concert shot from the 70s that I'll scan if I can dig it up among the photo albums. He was such a handsome young man. Didn't age well, unfortunately, but perhaps that's what years of hard living will do to you. Let that be a warning, young lady. ;)


At 11:16 AM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

Thanks sweet Claire! She is right after you so keep making the good impressions!

Have a great week!!


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Nabonidus said...

You are so right Anne-Marie, he did not age well but he used to be so
That's clearlyfrom the kind of hippie looking era of zep, so I'd guess about
I'm going to go look around for you, Claire! I've got some places that might be good for thisxoxoLisa

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Nabonidus said...

At 11:11 AM, Blogger JoeBoy said...

I will see if I can find a larger version for you.

At 5:58 AM, Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

Hey beautiful girl...just popping in to say hello and see what you are up to for New Years?


At 7:59 AM, Blogger AlianaDrex said...

Happy New Year Claire!
I hope it brings all things WONDERFUL!

At 12:54 AM, Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

My mom saw led zep in '71 at the great western forum (or LA forum), but she had seats in the nosebleed section. Coolie.

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez


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